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The Intensive Care Network (ICN) is an online resource for healthcare professionals involved in Critical Care.The site is primarily aimed at Australian and New Zealand intensive care trainees and those specialists who are in the first few years post-fellowship. However, anyone who practices intensive care medicine is welcome to access the site and participate. Registration is FREE. To find out more about the site and its authors, click here.

RAGE Podcast

rage ICN

Check out this new crit care podcast with some big names, good chat and is well produced...

the Resuscitationist's Awesome Guide to Everything


Season's Greetings


Have a great holiday.

Watch out for the NEW ICN WEBSITE in the new year!

Thanks for all the support for us and all of FOAMed in 2013 - the year that FOAMed broke.

Here's a little Christmas video from us to you (with the help of Elf Yourself):

The Man Behind The Beans: Doug Lynch

Lynch JBs

You may have heard of this unique set of podcast interviews.

Read more to find out more about the man behind the beans...

The NEJM Critical Care Challenge: Case 5

Crit care_challenge

In this Christmas episode of the NEJM's evolving case series looking at common problems in critical care, we turn our attention from ventilatory stategies in ARDS to the management of acute liver failure in an elderly man admitted to the ICU with severe sepsis.

Read more to catch up on the next installment of the case, and to vote and comment on how you would manage this man's deteriorating liver function...

Game Changing Evidence: The Guts and The Glory

GCE gut_glory


I am an intensive care trainee wanting to get a better understanding of the literature in intensive care medicine.

This 6 part series is intended to identify and summarise landmark papers in various aspects of management in ICU.

It is in no way intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive. Its is also intended to promote discussion - please let me know if you think I have excluded anything.

This week: the GI tract and how opinions on BSL control have changed in recent years.

Lockie on Little Adults

kids just_adults_3

Fran Lockie is a paediatric emergency and retrieval medicine specialist based in Adelaide. In this talk given at Bedside Critical Care Conference 4, he talks about paediatric ICU and whether or not kids are little adults.

110. Thomas on Blood Conservation

Dafydd Thomas on Blood Management

Dafydd Thomas speaks at a recent SIN meeting about effective patient blood management and conservation.
This is the second of two talks, with the first by Bruce Cartwright found here.

The ARISE Trial Needs You!

Let's Beat the Poms: Finish off the ARISE Trial!

Today on the podcast, Dr Anthony Delaney talks about the ARISE trial and how you can participate to complete this important crtical care research.

THEY ONLY NEED 100 more enrolments to complete the trial!



SMACC: Fennessy - Anaphylaxis - the dying breaths

smacc media


Fennessy adds an unexpected high note to the topic of managing the anaphylactic patient.

109. JICS Special: Barrett on UK Respiratory Services

Respiratory Services in the UK - A JICS special interview

Day and Olusanya provide a special JICS interview with Dr Nicholas Barrett, consultant in ICM at St. Thomas's Hospital and part of the severe hypoxaemia service. They discuss ARDS, logistics and other topical ICU respiratory issues.

TTM: The story continues to unfold...

Weingart bernard

Following the publication of the TTM trial, there's been a huge amount of debate on how we should best manage cooling post OOHCA, and OOHCA in general.

Now hear Steve Bernard's take, courtesy of EMCRIT

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