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The Intensive Care Network (ICN) is an online resource for healthcare professionals involved in Critical Care.The site is primarily aimed at Australian and New Zealand intensive care trainees and those specialists who are in the first few years post-fellowship. However, anyone who practices intensive care medicine is welcome to access the site and participate. Registration is FREE. To find out more about the site and its authors, click here.

Tzannes: Calling All Alveoli

Tzannes on 'Calling all alveoli'

Attention! Anthony Tzannes talks at Bedside Critical Care Conference about how he recruits those alveoli that try to slack off!

The book - simplifying echo

Sonographers guide_RV

If you perform echo, teach echo, learning echo, read echo or are about to embark on the echo journey here is the book for you.

A review by Sharon Kay of Bonita Anderson's textbook

Echo Back to basics 2 PSAX

echo skills2 

By Sharon Kay 

Real ICU cases, with echos performed by ICU doctors, where echocardiography made the difference..

Back to basics next view.. ..PSAX.. here:

Lockie: KIDS - Just Little Adults?

kids just_adults_3

Fran Lockie is a paediatric emergency and retrieval medicine specialist based in Adelaide. In this talk given at Bedside Critical Care Conference 4, he talks about paediatric ICU and whether or not kids are little adults.

Top 10 RCTs of 2013

Critical Care_Reviews_for_ICN_-_TOP_10

Check out this podcast from Chris Nickson and Rob MacSweeney of Critical Care Reviews fame.

Here they run through the top 10 RCT's in Critical Care for 2013, distilling out the finer points.

Rob MacSweeney is helping run the Critical Care Reviews Meeting on Friday January 24th, Belfast, Northern Ireland - get there if you can!

He and Chris will also be at smacc GOLD....

Georgie Harris on Massive Epistaxis: an ENT Perspective

g harris_epistaxis

Georgie Harris is an ENT surgeon. As a nosebleed guru, she was invited to speak at last years BCC confernce.

If you've ever had a nose bleed in ED or ICU that you just can't stop, this is essential listening!

Introducing BCC4 Talks!

"BCC4 Here has come" Yoda says

Bedside Critical Care Conference 4 in Cairns, Australia in 2013 was a great hit. This mini podcast from Oli Flower and Roger Harris discusses the highlights of BCC4 and how these will be shared in the spirit of FOAM on the Intensive Care Network. So look forward to the upcoming videos, podcasts and slides from the workshops and talks given at this conference!

ECHO Back to basics

echo skills2 

By Sharon Kay

Real ICU cases, with echos performed by ICU doctors, where echocardiography made the difference...

Lets refresh our echo knowledge - Back to basics for January



18th February 2014, 18.30


1. ANDERS ANEMAN on Cooling Post OOHCA

2. JOHN MYBURGH entering the ANZICS honour roll and speaking on a surprise topic

3. STEVEN BERNARD on the CHEER study


Kerry Packer Auditorium, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney

Game Changing Evidence: Airway and Breathing



I am an intensive care trainee wanting to get a better understanding of the literature in intensive care medicine.

This 6 part series is intended to identify and summarise landmark papers in various aspects of management in ICU.

It is in no way intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive. Its is also intended to promote discussion - please let me know if you think I have excluded anything.

Blog Peer Review Victory: NEJM Erratum Published


For those of you who followed the NEJM MRSA Decontamination paper debate, there's a news update:

The erratum has been published.

Thanks to everyone involved in this peer review process which has illustrated the power of new media in post publication peer review.

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