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The Intensive Care Network (ICN) is an online resource for healthcare professionals involved in Critical Care.The site is primarily aimed at Australian and New Zealand intensive care trainees and those specialists who are in the first few years post-fellowship. However, anyone who practices intensive care medicine is welcome to access the site and participate. Registration is FREE. To find out more about the site and its authors, click here.

Game Changing Evidence: (Septic) Shock and Awe



I am an intensive care trainee wanting to get a better understanding of the literature in intensive care medicine.

This 6 part series is intended to identify and summarise landmark papers in various aspects of management in ICU.

It is in no way intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive.

It's is also intended to promote discussion - please let me know if you think I have excluded anything.

This will be the last one (for now!) - this time looking at interventions for sepsis.

For more great literary summaries, check out the ICU Trials app

SImwars Gold: A Film Festival?

simwars stilltime

In case you've missed it, this Simwars Gold video competition is turning into a full on film festival.

Cannes have contacted us, and are are genuinely worried.

So we're giving you one more week to get it together and get your entry in, so you can be part of the phenom.

Read more to see some of the entries...

  • You'll laugh
  • You'll cry
  • You may vomit
  • You'll know you have to be there

Roger Harris on Donation After Cardiac Death

Roger Harris at BCC4 on DCD

Roger Harris gives an interesting talk on donation after cardiac death. He covers the history and practical philosophy behind DCD and shares his own experiences with patients. This podcast was recorded at Bedside Critical Care Conference 4.

SMACC Gold Social Media Basics workshop

You get the newsletters.

You've heard about the tweets.

You know that out there somewhere there's an online community talking about it.

So it's time to take the plunge! 

Come to the SMACC Gold Social Media Basics workshop and get the guided tour from the experts.

SMACCGOLD: Early Bird X 31.1.14

smaccgold early_bird

Seriously, don't forget to register before the 31st - save some $$$

SMACC EBM Workshop: Golden Opportunity


Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Small group sessions with:

Practical Critical Appraisal

EBM in Clinical Practice

Demystifying Statistics

Flipped classroom teaching

Flynn on Intensive Care of the Deceased: Surgical Considerations in OD


Gordon Flynn works as an intensivist, organ transplant advisor and anaesthetist.

In this podcast from BCC4, he speaks on surgical considerations and intensive care of the deceased.

Recorded live at Bedside Critical Care 2013 at the Registrars' Day

FOAM Creep: Superb Open Access Sepsis Journal


Prof Simon Finfer recently alerted me to a journal with a special edition on sepsis and septic shock:


What is makes this stand out is that:

  • It's a free, open access journal (in the spirit of FOAMed)
  • The authors and articles are exceptionally good (e.g. Singer, Angus, Vincent, Kumar to name but a few)

Hopefully this is a growing trend!


smacchandise b

This smacc, there's a new feature: smacchandise

  • FUN merchandise for delegates to take home
  • NO PROFIT is being made on any items - we just thought it would be a good feature
  • You MUST PRE-ORDER what you want - we won't be stocking a shop at the conference.
  • DON'T MISS OUT - order your gear today and pick it up at the conference

EXPLAINED: Emergency Escharotomy

emergency escharotomy

Craig Hore is an intensivist and retrievalist from Sydney.

In this 10 minute video he explains exactly how to do an emergency escharotomy - a potentially life or limb saving procedure that is time critical.

This was recorded live at the 2013 Bedside Critical Care conference in Cairns

Hore on How to Say "No" - Refusing ICU Admissions

hore no

Craig Hore talks about when and how to say "no" to ICU admissions.

Audio and slides.

Recorded live at Bedside Critical Care 2013 in Cairns.

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