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The Intensive Care Network (ICN) is an online resource for healthcare professionals involved in Critical Care.The site is primarily aimed at Australian and New Zealand intensive care trainees and those specialists who are in the first few years post-fellowship. However, anyone who practices intensive care medicine is welcome to access the site and participate. Registration is FREE. To find out more about the site and its authors, click here.

FOAM: Enjoy the bubbles

FOAM workshop

You may have heard Mike Cadogan introducing FOAM at conferences or read about it on the LITFL post about its origins and elements.
FOAM, or FOAMed, has been around as a concept for a little while know, so the ways that it is being usedand the formats that it takes have evolved and matured.
Tune in to this podcast for Lauren Westafer's (The Short Coat blog) take on the current state of Free Open Access Meducation, how we are probably already using it even if we don't realize it, how it can be put to good use, its foibles and where it might be headed.
So dive in and enjoy the bubbles.

Blogs & blogging basics

Blog basics

What are they?
What can they do for me?
Which ones should I start with?
How do I build my own trusted critical care blog library?

Pierre Janin on Targets in Neuro-ICU


Janin neuroICU

Pierre Janin talks targets in neuro-icu, zoning in on blood pressure management in patients with ICH. This resource was

recorded at Bedside Critical Care Conference 4. 

JICS Cast October 2013

JICS Cast October 2013

James Day and Segun Olusanya have some interesting thoughts to share about the latest edition of the Journal of the Intensive Care Society's latest issue from October 2013. There are reviews on pain in intensive care, original research on ECHO services and effect of admission timing on mortality and more.


ecmo cpr_2

Steve Bernard speaks at a meeting on 4/2/14 in Sydney on the reality of ECMO CPR at The Alfred in Melbourne, Victoria, and the upcoming CHEER study.

Exciting times!

Celia Bradford on Vasospasm after SAH

Celia Bradford on Vasospasm after SAH

Intensivist Celia Bradford talks on prevention and management of vasospasm after subarachnoid haemorrhage. This talk was recorded at Bedside Critical Care Conference 4.

EXPLAINED: Cricothyroidotomy

cric explained

Matt Mac Partlin expertly describes exactly how to perform this must-know procedure.

Recorded live at BCC4

If you like it, check out the others in the EXPLAINED series. All #FOAMed.

Who doesn't need more beauty? Come to the CEME Advanced Airway & Critical Care Conference

Escape away to Lake Jackson Lodge for the Airway and Crit Care Conference with Levitan

Friends, colleagues, fellow EM warriors....Improve your beauty/death ratio---come to the Tetons/Yellowstone this spring!
Please pass the message along to any and all of your colleagues, or anyone who likes looking at bison, moose, larynxes, mountains, airway devices, etc...

This is a 3 day Advanced Airway Endoscopy Course with an emphasis on nasoendoscopy, fiberoptics, and advanced airway imaging. You'll get expert instruction from Levitan, Butler, Murphy, Sloas, Ducanto, Osborn and Baker. Only $229 cabin/sleeps 4, 27 miles from Jackson Airport. The Tetons/Yellowstone in the Spring are phenomenal (the image is taken from the patio of the conference hotel). Don't miss out! Places are limited...

Webb on Translating Research into Practice

WEBB translating

CTG Research legend Steve Webb speaks at the last NHMRC meeting about the challenges of translating research into practice.

Very relevant for research producers AND consumers!

Thanks to Dash Gantner, Cameron Knott and Gerard Fennessey for bringing this to the ICN audience.


smaccgold rush

  • Which conference gives you $5000 cold hard gold cash?
  • And forces you to learn something while you earn it?
  • This smacc, be part of the GOLD RUSH...

Oli Flower on Prognostication in Neuro Disasters

Oli Flower: Prognostication in Neuro Disasters

[FULL AUDIO] Oli Flower discusses the tricky issue of prognostication in neuro disasters. This includes intracerebral haemorrhage, traumatic brain injury, subarachnoid haemorrhage and ischaemic stroke. From Bedside Critical Care 2013 in Cairns.

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