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The Intensive Care Network (ICN) is an online resource for healthcare professionals involved in Critical Care.The site is primarily aimed at Australian and New Zealand intensive care trainees and those specialists who are in the first few years post-fellowship. However, anyone who practices intensive care medicine is welcome to access the site and participate. Registration is FREE. To find out more about the site and its authors, click here.

JICS Interview: Prof. Art Slutsky on ARDS

Olusanya and Day interview Art Slutsky on ARDS

Segun Olusanya and James Day are back, interviewing Professor Art Slutsky, an expert in respiratory failure and adult respiratory distress syndrome. Art gives insight into how his engineering experience has helped shaped his career. He also shares his passion for research and redefining ARDS.

Michael Parr on ICU: Surviving Trauma Guidelines

mparr trauma

Michael Parr, director of Liverpool ICU in Australia, speaks about "Surviving Trauma Guidelines". He does so through the use of an interesting case of a patient admitted to ICU following a MVA.

This educational podcast was recorded at BCC4.

Minh Le Cong on The Agitated Patient: Protecting Yourself and the Patient

Le Cong on The Agitated Patient

Minh Le Cong (@rfdsdoc), speaks about agitation in the ICU. His punchy talk covers why agitation happens (on both sides) as well as strategies for managing the agitated patient. The use and possibilities of ketamine for agitation and refractory depression is also discussed. This great podcast was recorded from the Bedside Critical Care Conference 2013.

The NEJM Critical Care Challenge: Case 8

Crit care_challenge


You may be planning on soon heading to hear Prof Paul Weishmyer speak on PN, but in the mean time why not participate in NEJM's ongoing critical care series which this week asks for your opinion on the management of nutrition in a critically unwell ICU patient.

Read more to recap on the case so far, and to vote and comment on how you would manage the nutrition of a patient in whom enteral feeding is currently contraindicated ...

The NEJM Critical Care Challenge: Case 7 ANSWER

Crit care_challenge

The 7th installment of the NEJM's critical care series presented us with an elderly man with sepsis who acutely coagulopathic and who has slight bleeding from his abdominal wound and from around his arterial and central venous catheters. His Hb is 89 and he is haemodynamically stable. How aggressively would you elect to manage this man's coagulopathy?

Read more to find out how the the series editors reviewed the evidence on management of coagulopathy and DIC in the ICU.

Blog Day Three: smaccGOLD

day three_blog

smaccGOLD through the eyes of an intensive care basic trainee.

As if smaccGOLD could get any better, the program for day three was busting to the seams with all the big names ready

and rearing to go. Given the events of the gala dinner, I’m sure a lot of these speakers were feeling a bit worse for wear.

However, needless to say their professionalism shone through, and day three of smaccGOLD went off without a hitch.

Read more for the rundown of day three....

Blog Day Two: smaccGOLD

 day two_blog

smaccGOLD through the eyes of an intensive care basic trainee.

Day two at smaccGOLD began with as much enthusiasm as day one and ended with as many bright lights as the

opening ceremony, at the gala dinner.

Read more for the rundown of day two....

Blog Day One: smaccGOLD

 dayone smaccgold

smaccGOLD through the eyes of an intensive care basic trainee.

The anticipation of smaccGOLD has been tangible over the past few months both on the www and in real life.

There has been an underlying excitement at my work from all my colleagues who are attending, and a certain jealously from those who aren’t.

Sorry guys…hope you’re having fun at work…terrible weather up here (if you hate sunshine)!

Read more for the rundown of day one....

WISHMYER April 1st: Nutrition in the Intensive Care Setting

Wischmyer in Sydney on April 1st on Parenteral Nutrition in the ICU

Wish you knew more about PN in ICU? Well Paul Wischmyer may be just who you need to hear. He's a great speaker and is coming to Mariott Hotel, Sydney on April 1st to share his wealth of knowledge with you. See below for all the details!

Craig Hore on Trauma: CTA of the Neck and Thorax

Craig Hore on Trauma: CTA of Neck and Thorax

Craig Hore gives a great case based discussion of on trauma and CTA of the neck and thorax, all in under 15 minutes. This talk was recorded at BCC4.

Cohen on The Problem with Sepsis Trials

Cohen reveals 'The Problem with Sepsis Trials'

Jeremy Cohen reveals 'The Problem with Sepsis Trials' during this talk recorded at the Brisbane Intensive Care Network meeting in February 2014.

Get excited to hear him speak at smaccGOLD next week!

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