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Last year we were a "Hard Six", this year we are a "Natural Seven" (hmmm, you could read something into that but it's probably best not to follow that particular line of thought). For the second year in a row, the Intensive Care Network has made ED/ICU online educator guru, Sott Weingart's list of top picks for the year.

Scott runs the EM Crit website, which is a gold mine of information on acute care concepts and interventions. He has also helped many of the online medical community set up their own blogs and podcasts ... kind of a Yankee Mike Cadogan. At the end of every year for the past 3 years he has picked out the sites and podcasts that he feels he's learned something from on a regular basis and reckons that others should be aware of them too.

The other six that Scott picked out are hard to argue with, though Mojo RN is a new one for me and I'll be checking it out after posting this.

Check out Scott's picks for 2012 here

And if you fancy catching up with Scott and many of the other online meducators he mentions in his Natural Seven list, including Minh Le Cong and Simon Carly, be sure to sign up for SMACC 2013, which will run in March.

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