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Sydney Written Course - Feb 2014

 Now in its 11th edition, the Sydney Written Course is well-established in the training calendar. It has an excellent reputation for teaching structure and strategy for the Written Exams.

Want to boost your airway intervention skills? The guys and girls at Nepean Hospital in the west of Sydney have got you covered.


This hands-on course is designed for trainees in Intensive Care, Anaesthesia and Emergency Medicine wishing to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge related to the management of difficult airways. Taught by specialists in each field, the course provides an opportunity to learn and practice advanced level skills including videolaryngoscopy, fibreoptic intubation, emergency surgical airways, management of tracheostomy emergencies, and crisis resource management simulations.


The Short Course in Critical Infection (SCCI) is designed for the practicing intensivist and for those who manage critically ill patients.

This 2 day course provides a first principles understanding of the major infections that precipitate or complicate critical illness, as well as a focus on the practical management of scenarios that are unique to it.

Are you heading over to Wellington to pick up your Fellowship certificate? Or maybe you already have it and have been enjoying the wider mysteries of consultancy, such as the administrative management, conflict resolution and representing your department on hospital committees.

Anyone keeping an eye on the CICM curriculum development will be aware of the increased focus on making the transition from trainee to effective consultant.

If this sounds like you,then you might want to check this course out.

Ah, they're never far away are they? The next round of the CICM Fellowship written exams are on the way. If you can get to Sydney in the middle of February, help is at hand. Dr Arvind Rajamani is running his 9th Sydney Written Course and from personal experience, this is one that is worth getting to if you can.

It's a 2 day course aimed squarely at candidates who have done all of the prepatory work for the exam and are now looking to polish their technique and get a few insider hints and tips to give them an edge. One of the big pluses is being challenged to write exam answers under exam conditions and then getting feedback from experienced intensivists on how you can improve and harvest as many points as possible.

The course runs at Nepean Hospital, on Derby Street, Kingswood, in Sydney's west, between the 14th and 15th of February. For more details, contact Arvind at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone (02) 4734 2000 and ask to speak to him.

The course costs $150AU and the registration deadline is the 1st of February 2013


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