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Prof Simon Finfer recently alerted me to a journal with a special edition on sepsis and septic shock:


What is makes this stand out is that:

  • It's a free, open access journal (in the spirit of FOAMed)
  • The authors and articles are exceptionally good (e.g. Singer, Angus, Vincent, Kumar to name but a few)

Hopefully this is a growing trend!

Sonographers guide_RV

If you perform echo, teach echo, learning echo, read echo or are about to embark on the echo journey here is the book for you.

A review by Sharon Kay of Bonita Anderson's textbook


For those of you who followed the NEJM MRSA Decontamination paper debate, there's a news update:

The erratum has been published.

Thanks to everyone involved in this peer review process which has illustrated the power of new media in post publication peer review.


We are all aware of the role of ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin-II blockers in managing chronic heart failure and how B-blockers went from HF bad boy to recommended therapy, led largely by Carvedilol.

Spironolactone has become an established part of therapy following the publication of the RALES trial waaay back in 1999, with mortality and morbidity benefits and decreased frequency of hospital admission for acute exacerbations of chronic heart failure. Other aldosterone receptor blocking agents have been added to the mix, with agents like Eplerenone (EMPHASIS-HF, NEJM 2011 - a trial that was stopped early when a pre-planned threshold had been crossed. Watch out!) looking similarly promising, though you need to be aware of the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

So what's new in heart failure management?

chest banner

Well, the big news has to be the publication of the CHEST trial in the NEJM this month. It was conducted in Australia and New Zealand, along the same lines of enquiry as the SAFE trial.

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