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Our Favourites

...and they are all free!

  • EM Crit
    Scott Weingart is an Intensivist and ED physician from New York with a fantastic blog, providing excellent podcasts on acute care literature, guidelines, diagnostics and interventions, often including interviews with key authors and practicioners.
  • EM Ireland
    Andy Neill is an Emergency medicine trainee who has practiced in Ireland and New Zealand and has just spent a year as an anatomy lecturer in Dublin's Trinity College. This mix has resulted in a great site with, amongst other good topics, a fantastic set of video tutorials on key anatomy as it relates to emergency and critical care diagnostics and interventions. If you are studying for primary exams, or just want to refresh your foggy memory, go to this site!
    Originally a site for emergency physicians, this site has expanded to encompass a broad range of critical care practice. The authors are a truly international and influential group, with the majority practicing in Australia and New Zealand. The ICN's editors, Matthew Mac Partlin and Oli Flower, are regular contributors to the "R&R in the Fast Lane" and other sections of this site.
    Minh Le Cong is an RFDS doctor and prolific blogger whose posts and interviews can be found on several critical care educational sites, including all of those mentioned above and a few yet to come. He now also runs his own site, the PHARM, where he uses pod and vodcasts to discuss and demonstrate aspects of resuscitation, retrieval and critical care, either on his own or with experienced practicioners and opinion leaders.
  • PulmCCM Central
    A meta-RSS site, drawing in articles from key respiratory and critical care journals, with commentary on each article by site editor Matthew Hoffman (based in Atlanta, GA). There's also a good section for anyone interested in doing the American Board exams, or in using questions to refresh a topic – Board Review (Requires a log in, but it's free to register)
  • Resus ME
    Set up by Cliff Reid, an Emergency and Pre-hospital physician practicing in Australia, who decided that "I do not want a patient of mine to not get the best care possible because of something I wasn't aware of." He scans the literature of items of interest in resuscitation, trauma, retrieval and acute medical care and posts a commentary with links to the article and any related resources he thinks might be useful. Worth bookmarking.
  • The Trauma Professional's Blog
    A commentary blog run by U.S. based Trauma Director (St Paul's, Minnesota) Michael McGonigle. All you ever wanted discussed about trauma and more.

Colleges & Associations


Best of the Rest

Educational Websites & Procedures

  • Airwaycam
    Another high quality airway resource site
  • Bronchoscopy International
    Not a bad resource for the basics of bronchoscopy
  • Dr Magboul's airway site
    Another great airway specific site, with a relaxing beach theme...
  • ICUPrimaryPrep
    A great resource for preparation for the ICU Primary exam. Still being developed, but likely to be worth it.
  • ICU Sonography
    A great site to learn, refresh and refine your bedside ECHO knowledge. Lots of pictures and videos. There is a log in, but registration is free.
  • NEJM's Medical Videos   
    From the Mecca of journals comes a useful video resource with lots relevant to critical care such as cricothyroidotomy and inter-osseous line insertion.
  • Neurointensive Care
    Oli Flower's secret passion for grey and white matter and what to do when it goes horribly wrong.
  • PAC Education Project   
    Thorough and nicely presented site teaching the essentials of the pulmonary artery catheter.
  • Procedure consult   
    Another good US site with pictures, video and text explaining procedures
  • Rollcage Medic
    Matthew Mac Partlin shares his passion for petrol and applying critical care concepts to motor sports.
  • Takeokun.com
    Very good ultra sound technique videos
  • TeamICU
    A UK intensive care training site based in the Trent and East Midlands health area.
  • The Airway Institute   
    Another useful airway management site to explore.
  • The Airway Site   
    US based. Good resource with some high quality videos and links to their own courses.
  • The Ultrasound Podcast
    Two American emergency physicians who post great videos on ultrasound in acute and critical care. Heart, lung, liver, rib ... you name it, they'll tell you how to scan it and what the evidence is. And it's free.
  • Virtual Anesthesia Machine
    A good site from Florida, with some very good videos e.g on Aintree intubation catheters
  • Virtual bronchoscopy
    This site is amazing. Drive the bronch with a flash player. A superb way to learn the anatomy.

Paediatric ICU

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines from RCH, Melbourne
    For the non paediatricians starting in paediatric critical care wanting general paediatric guidelines, the RCH Melbourne guidelines are an excellent place to start. This can be viewed online, or downloaded free and used on an iPhone or PDA/smartphone
  • Drug Doses
    One of the most frequently used 'smartphone' apps in PICU practice is "Drug Doses" from the RCH Melbourne
  • PEDSCCM: The Pediatric Critical Care Website
    An American based website with up to date conference information, evidence based journal club, and links to other useful sites
  • PediatricRadiology.com
    Comprehensive paediatric radiology resources available free on the web
  • Up To Date.com
    Whilst the authors are making good headway into covering paediatrics, there is still sometimes scant coverage of some of the paediatric intensive care aspects of medicine. The intensive care articles are often adult focused. Some articles, however, have an excellent summary for paediatrics. If there is a summary available, it will be ‘up to date’, which can save hours of reference hunting online on an obscure topic. Up to date is less expensive for trainees, and a one year subscription is seriously worth considering for the year leading up to the exam

Podcasts: Individuals & Journals

Useful iPhone Apps

  • Twitter– Might not be as vacuous as you think. Some critical care tweeps to follow include:

  • IntensiveCareNetwork @I_C_N
  • Oliver Flower @OliFlower
  • Matthew MacPartlin @rollcagemedic
  • Cliff Reid  @cliffreid
  • Minh Le Cong  @rfdsdoc
  • Andy Neill  @AndyNeill
  • Chris Nickson  @precordialthump
  • Amal Mattu  @amalmattu
  • Critical Care Guys  @critcareguys
  • Scott Weingart  @emcrit
  • Mike Cadogan  @sandnsurf
  • Seth Trueger  @MDaware
  • Ryan Radecki  @emlitofnote
  • Casey Parker  @broomedoc

  • Dropbox
    Online file storage in the palm of your hand. Very useful.
  • Eponyms
    There is a free version of this one. Excellent for putting medical students on the back foot with plenty of esoteric gems.
  • iradiology
    Impressive images with annotations & teaching. Also free!
  • Medscape
    Recently beefed up, allowing lots of content to be available when you're off line (unlike uptodate). Free & recommended
  • MedCalc
    Excellent, but now they're charging! The cheek of it.
  • Neuro Mind
    Excellent for neuro-critical
  • QxMD
    Excellent medical calculator. Free. Medcalc should be worried. An ECG app also available from QxMD.
  • Radiopaedia
    Case based radiology Q&A's. Impressive & free.


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