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Nalos lactic 

Marek Nalos takes us on a mission to explore the myth of lactic acidosis. Marek is an intensivist and the Director of Trauma for Nepean Hospital. This talk was recorded at BCC4.

Wesley thin 

To thin or not to thin? That is a great question, which Wesley helps answer with her talk on the heart and anticoagulation. This podcast was recorded at BCC4.

BCC4: Janin on 4 Newer Therapies for Hepatitis C

Janin speaks on the dawn of a revolution for treating Hepatitis C. This was recorded at Bedside Critical Care Conference 4.

BCC4: Jon Gatward on Liver Transplantation: When it can go wrong

Intensivist Jon Gatward talks about the ins and outs of how liver transplantation can go wrong. He covers complications including post-reperfusion syndrome, biliary complications, hepatic artery thrombosis and 'other badness'. This talk was recorded at Bedside Critical Care Conference 4, in Cairns.

CCR best_of_rest

The third of the three part literature review extravaganza with Chris Nickson and Rob Mac Sweeney.

This time, it's the best of the rest from 2013...

Clive Woolfe on Chronic Liver Disease 

Clive Woolfe, Irishman and RPA Intensivist, speaks at Bedside Critical Care Conference. In this podcast, he gives an overview of the prognostication and management of chronic liver disease.

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