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Case Of The Month

We've all had them - That particular patient that stands out for whatever reason and makes you think "I wish I could discuss this with some of my colleagues to see if they would have done the same thing".

So we are going to use this space to do just that - We'll put up a recent case that one of us has seen and which we think others would benefit from discussing. Feel free to add comments and opinion or to share your experience.

 By the way - this isn't supposed to be an exam; just a way of teasing out some of the more thorny issues that we intensivists face on a regular basis.

If you would like to submit your own Hot Case, please send the details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ICN Hot Cases


Hot Case #14 - I'm pregnant ... HELLP!

Hot Case #13 - To bust or not to bust?

Hot Case #12 - Pull my finger!

Hot case #11: Testing testing

Hot case #10: Clogged pipes

Hot case #9: Cream rises to the top

Hot case #8: Neuroprognostication


Hot case #7: Eggs over (not so) easy

Hot case #6: Pictures in the dark – Part I

Hot case #5: It's all in the kid's head

Hot case #4: There's air in there!

Hot case #3: Drillin' yourself out of trouble

Hot case #2: High-speed MVA

Hot case #1: Tonic-clonic seizure



Crit care_challenge


You may be planning on soon heading to hear Prof Paul Weishmyer speak on PN, but in the mean time why not participate in NEJM's ongoing critical care series which this week asks for your opinion on the management of nutrition in a critically unwell ICU patient.

Read more to recap on the case so far, and to vote and comment on how you would manage the nutrition of a patient in whom enteral feeding is currently contraindicated ...

Crit care_challenge

The 7th installment of the NEJM's critical care series presented us with an elderly man with sepsis who acutely coagulopathic and who has slight bleeding from his abdominal wound and from around his arterial and central venous catheters. His Hb is 89 and he is haemodynamically stable. How aggressively would you elect to manage this man's coagulopathy?

Read more to find out how the the series editors reviewed the evidence on management of coagulopathy and DIC in the ICU.

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