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To all of our readers, twitter followers, podcast listeners and contributors, you guys make what we do worthwhile. Without all of you, we are just talking in an empty room. So we hope whatever you are doing over the next 10 days or so, whether you have been rostered to cover the unit or you are at home with friends and family, we hope you have a Happy Christmas and a safe and enjoyable New Year and try and keep an eye out for anyone who might be spending Christmas alone.

2012 thanks goes to David Boers for putting out (yep) great journal tweets via @I_C_N, Tim Southwood for organising the SIN events, Marianne and Matthew for starting up and running BIN and Cameron, John and co. for setting up and running VIN.

We hope you'll keep coming back to the ICN site and events in 2013 and remember, SMACC 2013, probably the best inter-specialty critical care conference ever in the history of all time is just around the corner. So enjoy your Christmas pudding and then get ready for SimFury, SonoGames and all manner of conference awesomeness.


Happy Christmas

Oli & Matthew


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